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Ordinary parcels (international)

Ordinary parcels are used to dispatch or send goods and material that are too large for small parcels or letter post and may weigh up to 30 kg. (The maximum weight differs from country to country.)

About the service

It is suitable for both private and commercial purposes. Customs documentation varies according to the requirements of different countries.

red arrow Parcels should always be securely packed and sealed by the sender. The services include the distribution of parcels received from and posted to foreign countries.

red arrow The maximum mass of parcels accepted for dispatch to foreign destinations varies from 10 to 30 kg.

red arrow The maximum length is limited to one metre and the sum of the length and the circumference to two metres.

red arrow The name and address of the sender and of the addressee should be printed or written on the cover, as well as on the parcel label of every parcel sent by post.

Service guidelines

red arrow Customs documentation should be attached to all parcels.

red arrow Documentation will vary according to the requirements of different countries.

red arrow Customs declarations should be described in detail - the exact nature and contents of the parcel, the mass and the value.

red arrow Compensation will be paid only for outgoing parcels if any irregularity occurred while the parcel was in the custody of the South African Post Office.

red arrow Parcels may not be posted in a postbox, but should be presented at the post office counter. An ordinary parcel can be insured but not registered.

red arrow See the section on Insured Parcels for insurance.


Postage rates are cheaper than courier rates. Customs procedures for sending items are simple. It is a tried and proven method of sending goods and merchandise.

Small Parcels

For small quantities of low-mass goods under 2 kg at a lower rate and with simpler customs declarations than for large parcels.

Large Parcels

Used to post goods and material up to 30 kg. The maximum mass differs from country to country.