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Postbank - The Post Office savings bank

Postbank is a savings institution which operates as a division of the South African Post Office.

Postbank aims to provide banking facilities for the people of South Africa who previously had very limited access to financial services. Postbank offers its products and services through the Post Office branch network.

Our mission and mandate

Postbank is the bank of first choice, offering the people of South Africa a range of essential banking services - Easy and affordable banking, for your convenience

Here are the benefits of two savings products Postbank offers you:

Flexi Card

The Postbank Flexi Card, formerly known as the Telebank account, is a card-based transaction account. It can be used as a convenient medium to deposit and withdraw salaries and other payments. Postbank Flexi Card transactions are made over.

Post Office counter terminals and at over 7 200 ATMs of other banks. The minimum amount to open an account is zero. If you are looking for a flexible and affordable way to bank, choose Postbank Flexi Card.

Smart Save

Formerly known as the book-based savings account, it is increasingly trusted as a preferred way to save money for emergencies, to build up cash reserves or to keep money in safe custody while getting interest on the funds put aside. The minimum balance to open an account is R50. The Postbank Smart Save account offers you the opportunity to deposit and withdraw your money in every post office countrywide.

Differentiated interest rates are applicable, depending on the balance held in your account.

Join more than 1,8 million savers who have already decided to bank with Postbank.

For further enquiries, please contact your nearest post office or phone our Customer Care Line at 0800 535 455.

You can also visit our website.