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In January 2001, the Courier and Freight Group (CFG) acquired Fast Forward’s business from Transnet. At that time, it comprised a distribution business for both containers and parcels. In the latter half of 2001, CFG readopted the original logo recreating the original corporate image of PX by relaunching the product with the sole focus on the mini-container business (PX Container).

This brand’s focus is on moving consolidated loads of up to three tons between larger centres in Southern Africa. This unique concept is updated by ongoing innovations focused on client needs and keeping pace with modern freight trends. PX services every aspect of clients’ distribution and consolidated loads requirements. By focusing on this market, we are able to offer our clients a personalised and specifically tailored freight distribution facility. We are, without doubt, our clients’ most important link in their product marketing and distribution chain. We believe that this approach makes us unique in the distribution market.

In accordance with clients’ logistical needs, we provide cost-effective, reliable distribution and related time definitive services. We do this through highly focused product lines and by utilising our extensive network coverage in South Africa and bordering countries. World-class IT solutions and system applications together with committed and well-trained staff and effective after-sales client services complete the service loop.

PX Containers provides a reliable door-to-door standard and guaranteed service for unit loads in tailor-made containers to destinations within South Africa and cross-border countries. The mini-container is a lightweight, versatile means of transporting consignments. Made from reinforced fibreglass and stainless steel, it can carry loads of 1 400 to 3 000 kg. It has double doors on both the front and back for easy access. It is easily delivered right on your doorstep. There are five types of mini-container.

Service options

Strategic positioning



Any commodity in a standard minicontainer, except goods of a sensitive nature, such as dangerous and perishable goods



Certain goods of a hazardous nature



Goods of a perishable nature to maintain the freshness for a limited period only. This service is available on a guaranteed transit basis.



Specifically developed to distribute frozen goods. Insulated sides and doors to limit temperature loss during transit for a limited period. Guaranteed priority transit



Priority transit where goods have to be delivered within a specified period, as for perishable and frozen commodities



Fitted with shelves to facilitate loading of certain commodities where stacking is an option

Low line


Half the size of minicontainer for consolidation of parcels to reduce handling



1 400 kg container

3 000 kg container






2 296 m

2 296 m

2 438 m


1 413 m

1 413 m

1 457 m


1 210 m

2 461 m

2 594 m


3,9 m³

7,9 m³



400 kg

525 kg


Gross mass

1 800 kg

3 600 kg


Door width


1 333 m


Door height


2 371 m


PX container dimensions, features and benefits


The mini-container is a strong, watertight container made of reinforced fibreglass and stainless steel. The container is equipped with doors at both ends for easy loading and off-loading. It features adjustable shelves with a carrying capacity of one ton per shelf.


red arrow Security of your contents receives high priority

red arrow Loading or unloading anywhere

red arrow Labour-saving, fast handling

red arrow Convenient for small users

red arrow Wide range of parcels

red arrow Minimises damage to contents - less stringent packing required, lower costs

red arrow Containers are dispatched daily

red arrow Cuts secondary transport costs

red arrow Constant control over consignments

red arrow Services to and from the national network and neighbouring countries


For more information, please call our Customer Service Centre on 0860 000 977 or 0860 023 133.