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Change of Address


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Are you moving? We’ll make it simpler for you with our Change of Address Service.

Change of Address Service

This is a service provided by the Post Office whereby clients will be enabled to:

redarrow inform the Post Office that they have moved and/or changed their addresses;

redarrow request the Post Office to forward their mail to the new address.

Redirection service

This is a service whereby mail is redirected at the client’s request for a specified period to an address provided by the client.


redarrow The application for the change of address or redirection of mail must be in writing on the relevant form which is available from all post offices.

redarrow The application must be made by the registered postbox holder or the head of the family on behalf of his/her household.

redarrow No middleman or third party who renders a service for remuneration may hand in an application for change of address or redirection of mail on behalf of a client.

redarrow A request for the change of address for more than one person must only be acted on if the signature of each person has been furnished, except where an application is made by the head of the family on behalf of his/her household.


redarrow Assurance that mail addressed to the old address is forwarded to the new address

redarrow Mail is delivered according to the Post Office’s delivery standards

redarrow Assurance that mail reaches its correct destination

Service fees

Please note: Rates are subject to change


The client (registered postbox holder or the head of the household) completes the relevant application form (Application for new, confirmation, change of address and termination of mail delivery service) obtainable from the post office.

The completed application form and the identity document must be handed in at the post office.

Change of Address Postcard

Also available from post offices countrywide is a change-of-address postcard which can be used to inform correspondents of your new address. The price for the postcard is R1.75 * (including postage).

Should you have any queries, please contact us on 0860 111 502.

Service Fees


The redirection rates are as follows:


Up to one month


Up to three months


Up to six months


Up to 12 months



Change of address postcard


Change of address postcard