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Competition Mail

Mail will only be accepted if an official payment method is used, ie stamps, remote meterfranking machine mail, postage-paid and postage-included articles.

Remote meter-setting mail may only be posted at designated offices, all other payment methods used may be posted at any post office/mail centre.

Letters must be faced and tied in bundles when handed in over the counter.

The presorted bulk mail service is suitable for businesses that post large quantities of domestic letters with minimum volumes of 1 000 presorted articles per consignment.

The items must meet the relevant criteria as described in the National Bulk Mail Service Guide.

All articles in a consignment must originate from the same sender, must be identical in shape, size and mass category and the nature of the contents of the articles must be the same. The articles must contain return addresses.

Mail will only be accepted if the official payment methods are used, ie stamps, Permit Mail (only presorted bulk mail), Remote meter-franking machine mail, postage-paid and postage-included articles.

No rebates/discounts are applicable to letters with stamps as a payment method.

The client must have his/her address database checked by an official Postal Address Management Service Supplier (PAMSS) and the client must provide the official grading certificate with each posting together with the Bulk Mail Delivery Note.

The presorted bulk mail must be posted at designated mail centres and mail accepting offices only.

PAMMS Checking, Cleaning And Grading

The database of clients who post volumes of 10 000 or less must be graded once a year. The Post Office and the Postal Address Management Service Suppliers (PAMMS) will -

Redarrow Check and clean postal addresses; and

Redarrow Issue certificates to clients to enable them to qualify for rebates.

Benefits Of Address Check

Redarrow This is the most effective way of reaching your target market personally.

Redarrow It enables you to build a unique one-to-one relationship with current and prospective clients. There are over 1 700 distribution outlets (post offices) countrywide. This service allows you to measure the response and success of your advertising campaign.

About The Service

The domestic bulk posting service applies only to letters posted in South Africa and Domestic bulk mail intended for delivery in South Africa. Postal articles exceeding 353 x 250 mm in size, thicker than 30 mm and weighing more than 1 kg are not regarded as letters.

Benefits Of Bulk Mail

It is a cost-effective way of sending large quantities. By meeting the specified requirements, clients qualify for rebates on large consignments of letters. When posting large quantities, use the domestic bulk mail service!