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Competition Mail

The following is a list of options Address Cleaning, where addresses are cleaned to SA Post Office standards in order to qualify for SA Post Office PAMSS rebates and discounts Data Cleaning, where an address has its Postal Suburb Description, as well as its Postal Code, cleaned and corrected. This helps PAMSS qualification. This option also cleans ID Numbers by confirming that the format and the check digit is correct. Supplied phone numbers can have their formats checked and the dial codes corrected. If a phone number has been changed by Telkom, this is also rectified. All these data fields are returned with switches allowing you to make your own business decisions.

Address verified against PDD, is where an individual's address or other contact details are compared to SA Post Office's PDD to see if the data supplied is in fact the same as the latest one that SAPO has recorded for the individual. All supplied records are returned with flags, as well as all of the alternate data that may have been found. For best results, it is better to supply a date with the address that is being verified. This prevents older information from being returned.

Currently the base consists of over 35 million records from which to clean data against.

Enhancement / Data cleansing process:

The PDD Data Enhancement system accepts data supplied by a customer as input in any format.

Supplied fields per input record are then individually matched against the corresponding fields on the PDD base.

The fields used for matching are as follows:

red arrow ID Number

red arrow Surname

red arrow  Initials

red arrow Postal Address

red arrow Street address

red arrow Telephone numbers (landline and cell)

red arrow Email Addresses.  Matches are based on being able to link an ID Number to a relevant field.

If a match is found:

red arrow If the PDD recency date for that field is more recent than the client's, the field is enhanced with PDD data. The recency date is included in the enhanced file if required.

red arrow If the PDD recency date for that field is older than the client's, NO enhancement is effected.

If any of the following fields/field combinations are supplied, other fields as specified in (2) above and NOT supplied by the client can be extracted from the PDD base (if they exist). If these fields are blank in the client input file, any data provided by PDD iro. The corresponding fields is regarded as an enhancement irrespective of the recency date.

red arrow ID number only

red arrow ID number / Surname

red arrow Surname / initials / date of birth

red arrow Surname / initials / address       

red arrow Surname / initials / email

red arrow Surname / initials / home telephone

red arrow Surname / initials / work telephone

red arrow Surname / inititls / cellphone

The following fields are not used for matching purposes, but can be supplied to the client:

red arrow Title

red arrow Deceased Indicator