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Competition Mail

Managing the postal process and expenses of a company has become a challenge for modern businesses. Franking systems support a cost-effective, efficient and secure method of paying postage.

Remote meter-setting franking machines are postage meters which, as the name suggests are reset by telephone, fax or modem, rather than at the Post Office as used to happen in the past.


Redarrow The franking system enables you to frank, date, seal, print a return address and count the items in the same time as having a stamp affixed, thus saving you time and money.

Redarrow The total amount of the postage due can be franked onto an envelope or a label, eliminating the time-consuming and irritating task of deciding how many of each stamp value to buy from any post office.

Redarrow Posting franked mail enables you to claim various discounts from the Post Office.

Redarrow Postage is purchased electronically without your leaving your premises.

Redarrow Machine inspections are done on the client's premises without interrupting operations to take the machine to the Post Office.

Redarrow VAT can be recovered from the full amount credited to the franking machine.


Redarrow With a franking machine, there are no sheets of stamps or postage-paid envelopes that could be stolen.

Redarrow Access to a franking machine is restricted to key/password holders and the machine is tamperproof.

Redarrow Remote meter-setting franking systems pose no security risks due to encrypted codes for resetting.

Professional image

Redarrow High-quality franked printing gives a businesslike appearance to the mail and demands attention.

Redarrow Date of processing is printed on every mail item ensuring proof to the recipient of the date of dispatch.

Redarrow Franking systems print customised advertising and corporate logos on every envelope, enhancing your company's professional image.

Redarrow Remote meter

Redarrow A franking machine client's licence expires annually and is renewable every 12 months from the date of application. An initial licence fee will also be charged on application for the first time.

Redarrow Postal items must be franked at the full official published postage rate. Refer to the latest rate brochure available at your nearest post office. An upfront discount is given when resetting the machine.


Further information on remote franking systems can be obtained from the following suppliers, approved by the Post Office.

Redarrow Frama (011) 463-9042 (Frama)

Redarrow Mailing and Mechanisation (011) 787 5959 (Hasler/ Neopost)

Redarrow Pitney Bowes S.A (Pty) Ltd (011) 516 9400 (Pitney Bowes)

Redarrow Earlyworx 282 (Pty) Ltd (011) 793-1654 (Francotyp)