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EBDN - Getting Started
Step 1

Our key account managers are eagerly awaiting your call. If you do not know who your key account manager is, please contact your regional sales manager at the following numbers for assistance: 

Western Cape (021) 590 5553

Eastern Cape (041) 508 4223

KwaZulu-Natal (031) 336 3582

Central Provinces (051) 402 4011

Witwatersrand  (011) 495 0500

Northern Region (012) 339 7144

Your key account manager will also be able to assist you with setting up your account and capturing your eBDNs at your premises. 

Alternatively, you can also contact your regional Accounts Receivable Division at: 

Western Cape (021) 590 5628

Eastern Cape (041) 508 4196

KwaZulu-Natal (031) 336 3862

Central Provinces (051) 402 4018

Witwatersrand  (011) 495 0645

Northern Region (012) 338 4023

Step 2

You are required to obtain a digital certificate.

More about digital certificates.

Digital certificates authenticate that digital certificate holders - people, websites, and even network resources such as routers - are truly who or what they claim to be and your transaction/data exchange is protected on line from tampering.  You can obtain a digital certificate by applying for one from our Technology Division. Call our IT Support Desk on 0860 262 262 to log a call. You will be asked to provide :

red arrow Your 7 digit account / customer number,

red arrow Your name and contact detail,

red arrow Your e-mail address,

red arrow  A description of your problem.

Every certificate is client-specific by company name and client-id. You will be given an incident number. Please quote your incident number each time you enquire about this until you have received, installed and started using the certificate on eBDN website. After this, you will receive an e-mail from us with your digital certificate as well as a step-by-step manual on how to install the certificate. If the above has been successfully completed, then you can sign on and use our eBDN on the website.  The digital certificate will be activated every time you sign on to the eBDN system as well as when you click on the non-conformance form link.