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Competition Mail

The Infomail service involves the distribution of all your unaddressed mail. This includes pamphlets, brochures, unaddressed newspapers, trade Samples and household circulars.

The following definitions apply:

Redarrow Item description

Redarrow Pamphlet An unenveloped, unaddressed information/advertising item comprising one sheet of paper folded to A5 size (210mm x 148mm).

Redarrow The folded pamphlet may not be thicker than 2mm and weigh more than 50g.

Redarrow Brochure An unenveloped, unaddressed rolled or folded information/advertising item not exceeding 353mm x 250mm, 200g in mass and 5mm in thickness.

Redarrow Unaddressed newspaper (for example local area newspaper)

Redarrow A rolled or folded item not exceeding 353mm in length, 200g in mass and 70mm in thickness when rolled or folded.

Redarrow Trade sample An unaddressed sample of a product that does not exceed 353mm x 250mm x 30mm in size and 200g in mass.

Redarrow Household circular. The street delivery alternative for pamphlet and brochure distribution. Items must be enclosed in an envelope or wrapper addressed to "The Homeowner" or something similar, may not exceed 120mm x 235mm in size, 50g in mass and 5mm in thickness.

Important - There are three distribution alternatives, viz:

All post offices, postal agents, et cetera, under the control of a specific regional office will be regarded as local and must be charged the local rate.

Infomail National

All post offices, postal agents, et cetera, under the control of another regional office will be regarded as additional and must be charged the national rate.

Street Delivery

All areas where the Post Office provides street delivery.


Redarrow A minimum of 100 Infomail items for local delivery and 1 000 for national delivery must be handed in simultaneously.

Redarrow Consignments must be handed in at the bulk mail counter of the post office.

Redarrow Each consignment (ie per post office) must be tied securely in faced (address side up) bundles of 50 Infomail items each and be accompanied by a label. The name and postcode of the office of destination must appear on the front of the label.

Redarrow The wording ‘postage paid’ and the name of the post office from where it was posted must appear on the back.


Redarrow We offer more than 3 million delivery points countrywide.

Redarrow It enables you to talk direct to your target market.

Redarrow Infomail is adaptable to your specific needs.

Redarrow Infomail may contain religious and political information.