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Competition Mail
About Magmail

Magmail is all addressed mail in a minimum consignment of 1 000 articles per size or mass category.

The regional sales office must approve Magmail before posting. Magmail refers to all postal articles of which the contents are publications or printed matter intended for public sale or distribution. The publication has to be printed at least quarterly (once every three months), identified as a magazine or newspaper and should consist of news, opinions, illustrations, articles, editorials and advertising.

A complete sample of the mailing must be presented at the time of posting for the Post Office to verify the approval.


A special, uniquely identifiable logo must be put on the cover of every postal article to ensure it gets the treatment it deserves. Magmail items can be handed in at various mail centres. Your sales representative can assist with information about these centres.


Redarrow It offers a unique identifier for magazine and newspaper mail.

Redarrow It is a cost-effective way of sending your magazines and/or newspapers to your readers.

Redarrow Clients have the choice of how they want articles to be distributed to match the urgency of your publications.