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Competition Mail

Map Info Professional, the industry's leading business mapping solution, enables us to perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to drive insightful decisions. We can achieve the following:

redarrow Create highly detailed maps to enhance presentations and aid in decision making.

redarrow Reveal patterns and trends in your data that may otherwise be impossible to see.

redarrow Perform sophisticated and extensive data analysis.

redarrow Understand customer and marketplace demographics.

redarrow Manage geographically based assets, such as stores, people and property

ESP and Marketplus Data

Our aim is to use these datasets to make your unaddressed mail more targeted.


redarrow Limit printing costs.

redarrow Limit postage costs.

redarrow High level selection of your target market.

redarrow Track areas that have high responses for your campaign.

Output Variables

redarrow Suburb

redarrow Town

redarrow Household count

redarrow LSM

redarrow Suburb Income Group

redarrow Postbox count

Contact Thuso Tshabalala for more information on (012) 339 7159