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Motor Vehicle License Renewals

Motor vehicle license renewals can be done at most post office branches. Please call 0860 111 502 to find the branch closest to you that offers this service.

View the list of post office branches that offers motor vehicle license renewals in:

redarrow Eastern Cape (69kbPDF)

redarrow Free State (21kb PDF)

redarrow Gauteng (145kb PDF)

redarrow Kwa-Zulu Natal (33 kb PDF)

redarrow Limpopo (73 kbPDF )

redarrow Northern Cape (31 kb PDF)

redarrow North West (Central ) (16 kbPDF )

redarrow North West (Free State) (12 kb PDF)

Redarrow Vehicle Licensing Renewal Form (42 kbpdf)

customer.services@postoffice.co.za - 0860 111 502