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Competition Mail
EBDN- Order and Payment

The Post Office is committed to assisting entrepreneurs grow their businesses through effective, affordable communication with clients and has introduced new services, suited to the needs of the smaller business, which needs to buy postal products in bulk.

These products are available from your local post office for cash transactions. Payment by cheque must be pre-arranged with the postmaster.

The following two services will enable the Post Office’s registered clients access to special offers.

A credit card facility is a phone call away on 0860 080 080. This facility accommodates purchases which are delivered by couriers to your door. A delivery fee is charged for the courier service.

You may also call our Customer Service Centre on 0860 086 086 and order your products for COD collection at your local post office. The special offers will not be available over the Post Office counter and are only for regular clients.

Stamp booklets and rolls, postage-included envelopes and Easipost products are available over the counter or from Customer Service Centre.