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Competition Mail
Permit Mail

Business clients must have special envelopes printed. The design of these must first be approved by the Post Office regional sales managers.

A Permit Mail envelope comprises an official Post Office permit insignia (imprint in upper right-hand corner of the envelope) and a permit number. The Post Office is able to trace the client by means of this number. The wording "South Africa" and the official Post Office trademark appears on the insignia.

Permit Mail is the easy way to send 1 000 items or more at a time for delivery both in South Africa and overseas. Only clients who post a minimum of 1 000 letters at a time are eligible to use the Permit Mail system.

If a client wishes to use the Permit mail method of posting, a registration number must be obtained from the Post Office regional sales managers.


Presorted rebates are available when certain Post Office posting criteria are met, for example presorting the mail according to postcodes.

Permit Mail must be posted with official bulk mail posting documentation, ie the Bulk Mail Delivery Note.

Permit Mail will not be accepted without this documentation which is available from your regional sales office or mail centre.