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Postal Delivery Database
Postal Delivery Database

It is updated monthly with box change details as well as annually when everyone needs to renew their use of the box. The PDD details consist of ID Numbers, Box address and residential Addresses, Telephone and Cell Numbers, as well as e-mail addresses. This PDD is growing with the introduction of individuals that are registering their residential addresses for postage purposes. These individuals need not necessarily have a BOX address. The PDD is segmentable down to Income per suburb, and Emerging Market segments.

Usage rules

The PDD’s Unique Reference Number (PDDURN) must be printed on all outgoing mail pieces. This helps the SA Post Office to track NIXIES (return to sender mail items). This number can be bar-coded or printed above the addressee in the address, but must be eligible through the window, if one is used. All nixie mail pieces must be returned to the SA Post Office or alternatively, an electronic file can be supplied with the PDD’s PDDURN and the relevant nixie, return to sender reason code. The user must sign the PDD’s List Usage and Terms of Agreement, as well as have the proposed Mail Pieces approved before any names will be made available. 

redarrow Selections
redarrow Province
redarrow Town
redarrow Suburb
redarrow Postal Code
redarrow Language
redarrow Age
redarrow Suburb Income Group
redarrow Ethnicity
redarrow Address Type (Street / Box)
redarrow Telephone numbers


redarrow 1 415 211 - Families (Same Surname and Same Address)

Output Variables

redarrow Unique Reference Number
redarrow Title
redarrow Initials
redarrow Surname
redarrow Address
redarrow Gender
redarrow Language
redarrow Other optional extras

Contact Thuso Tshabalala for more information on (011) 318 3390.