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How Securemail works

Securemail is designed as a closed-loop security system, with every person who handles Securemail items being hand-picked and meticulously screened. Workers at the main sorting depot are subject to rigorous and regular search procedures.

Under the Securemail system, your valuable post items are collected from your premises by Speed Services Couriers and delivered to the high-security Securemail depot for processing by an advanced technology computerized system.

This system contains checks and double-checks at every stage, and allocates to each item a barcode, as well as a unique alpha-numeric code, by which its progress can be tracked. Which means that should you need to make enquiries, our Client Service operators can tell you the precise status of any specific item within the system at any time.

When processed and sorted, your Securemail items are again collected by Speed Services Couriers and delivered for collection at the post office nearest the addressee or any other collection point of your choice. The whole procedure takes a maximum of five working days.

When your postal item demands high security, Securemail is the obvious option

Clients who demands “ultrahigh” security guarantees, such as the Receiver of Revenue and the major South African financial institutions, have proven that Securemail is the ultimate safeguard for high security mail.

Moreover, thanks to our unrivalled expertise in the file, together with our network of post office branches in South Africa and Namibia, the SA Post Office has been able to develop Securemail as the most competitively-priced solution for bulk delivery of high security items.

Using Securemail gives you:

red arrow A reliable service tailored to your requirements.

red arrow Continuous tracking of every item.

red arrow Proof-of-delivery service.

red arrow Compensation for lost and cancelled Securemail items.

red arrow A monthly management report.

red arrow A limited Securemail service to international destinations.

Plus-your business benefits are enhanced due to the elimination of:

red arrow Customer non-delivery complaints.

red arrow The costs and losses caused by theft and fraud.

red arrow And in particular, where account cards are involved, the huge loss of income caused by non-usage when cards are lost or delivered late.

At the receiving end

The security loop closed when recipients collect Securemail items from their local post office. Personal delivery notifications are sent to every individual, of which the formats and styles are constantly changes to prevent interception and fraud (notifications can also be designed to meet your own specific needs). The style and colour of the envelopes and printing styles are rotated to prevent recognition.

Recipients have to produce the delivery notification, as an official identity document (green or blue) , and personally sign for the items. No temporary ID book or affidavits are accepted.

If the addressee has to send a representative to collect the item, it will only be handed over under the following conditions:

red arrow The delivery notification must be completed in full.

red arrow The representatives of companies and corporations must have a letter of authorization on a company letterhead.

red arrow Both the representative’s and the addressee’s signatures and ID and numbers must be provided in the letter.

red arrow Both ID documents must be verified by the post office teller.

Enlist the co-operation of your addressees

To further strengthen security, the Post Office seeks regular feedback from its Securemail clients and recommends various additional safety precautions. For example, ask your addressees to do the following when they collect their Securemail items:

red arrow Make collection a soon as the delivery notification is received.

red arrow Open the item immediately, at the post office, to check the contents.

red arrow Look for and report any evidence of tampering.

For more information

We’d be delighted to supply you with further information about the Securemail service, or quote for your particular delivery needs.