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Send money home through the Post Office

5 November 2019

The Post Office offers a cost-effective, same-day money transfer service to and from neighbouring countries and selected other countries: A benefit for migrant workers in South Africa who supports their families back home, the money becomes available at the destination post office on the same day.

Almost 1500 post offices all over South Africa ensure that there is always a post office near you.  This makes the post office the obvious choice for money transfers. 

The postal money transfer system is also particularly cost effective.  Commission on money sent to Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and eSwatini is as follows:

Up to R500,00 - R42,25

R500,01 to R999.99 - R63,25

R1000,00 to R1999,99 - R77,40

R2000,00 to R5000,00 - R98,40

Money transfers are also available to Brazil, Gabon, India, Italy, Namibia, St Helena, Sri Lanka and Zambia. The rate to these countries is R76,55 plus 3% of the value of the transfer.

The money can be sent from any fully fledged post office in South Africa and collected from any post office in the receiving country.  The service is not available from postal agents.

An identity document or passport and proof of residence are required to send money out of South Africa.