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Post Office revises countries to which it offers mail service

18 November 2020

The SA Post Office has announced changes to countries to and from which it is able to offer a postal service. 

The changes were made in response to stricter lockdown rules introduced in some countries, which means that transport connections to and from the affected countries are no longer available.

The countries below are those to which a postal service is currently available:

- Argentina
- Brazil
- Canada
- China
- Czech Republic
- France
- Great Britain
- Greece
- Hong Kong
- Hungary
- India
- Israel
- Italy
- Japan
- Kenya
- Netherlands
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- Singapore
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Thailand
- United Arab Emirates

The Post Office advises customers not to mail items to countries that are not on the list. If, however, an article has been posted to a country where the mail service is not available, it will be kept safely and dispatched immediately once transport connections become available.