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Postal services now available to more countries

18 June 2020

The SA Post Office is pleased to announce the expansion of its international mail service to and from the following countries :

- Brazil,

- Canada,

- China,

- Czech Republic

- Dubai,

- Great Britain,

- Greece,

- Hong Kong

- Hungary,

- India,

- Japan,

- London (United Kingdom)

- Malaysia,

- Netherlands,

- Portugal,

- Russia,

- Spain,

- Sweden,

- Ukraine, and the

- United States of America.

Customers should note that space on the aircraft is limited and flights are not regular.  As a result, mail delivery times are more unpredictable both for mail coming into South Africa and mail leaving South Afria.

The Post Office continues to seek transport connections to more countries are borders are re-opened for goods, and would like to thank its customers for their patience and understanding during these difficult times.