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Post Offices open throughout festive season

17 December 2021

All branches of the SA Post Office will remain open on weekdays and Saturday mornings throughout the festive season. The majority of Post Office branches are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Some selected Post Offices in shopping centres are open on Sundays and public holidays.

Post Offices throughout the country play a central role in the payment of SASSA SRD grants to citizens who are the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated economic downturn.

The last three digits of the beneficiary’s ID number determine the date on which he or she can visit a Post Office branch to collect his or her grant.  During the rest of December the dates are as follows:


ID number ending in

20 Dec 2021

084 and 089

21 Dec 2021

080 and 085

22 Dec 2021

081 and 086

23 Dec 2021

082 and 087

24 Dec 2021

No payments

27 Dec 2021

No payments

28 Dec 2021

083 and 088

29 Dec 2021

084 and 089

30 Dec 2021

080 and 085

31 Dec 2021

No payments

The first week of every month is reserved for the payment of SASSA grants to the elderly and disabled as well as child grants. The rest of the month is dedicated to the payment of SRD grants.

SRD SASSA beneficiaries must visit a Post Office branch only after they have received an SMS informing them that the grant is available. If a beneficiary’s cellphone was used to apply for one grant only, they can also receive the grant from any Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer supermarket. 

Regular transactions, such as the payment of motor vehicle licences, account payments and sending and collection of parcels, remain available.

Most branches of the SA Post Office have a separate queue for customers who are there to collect their R350 SASSA SRD grant.  The system of separate queues ensures that all customers wait for the minimum time.

For enquiries, please contact the SA Post Office on:
SMS enquiries      31133
E-mail                   socialmedia@postoffice.co.za
Twitter                 @PostofficeSA
Facebook            @PostofficeSA

Post Office
Johan Kruger 082 337-3116