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Expedited Mail Service

The Postal Service promises to deliver within the following times:

Southern Africa 3 to 4 working days from Office of Exchange (Johannesburg International Mail Centre)

Rest of the world 4 to 5 working days from Office of Exchange (Johannesburg International Mail Centre)

The Items are traceable

- The items must be correctly addressed and preferably have a physical address and must include a phone number

- In the case of dutiable items, the recipient will be advised to collect the items from the Post Office against positive identification. The items will be subject to customs inspections

- Enquiries regarding an EMS item must be made within 90 days of posting

- Senders will be held personally liable for any prohibited articles and will lose the right to claim.

Prohibited articles include:

- Bank Notes and coins

- Arms and ammunition

- Live animals, pets, vermin, reptiles, spiders or insects

- Plants

- Liquids

- Narcotics

- Jewellery and precious metals

- Explosives

- Perishables

- Dangerous chemicals

- Fragile Items

Sharp instruments and utensils must be well wrapped so as not to cause injury to Post Office Employees.

Contact Numbers

- Johannesburg International Mail Centre - 011 961 6000

- Cape Town International Mail Centre - 021 590 5715

- Durban International Mail Centre - 031 336 3713


customer.services@postoffice.co.za or customer.service@postoffice.co.za



Optional insurance available

The maximum insured value is R5 000.00.