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Items that are dangerous:

Liquids, including creams and lotions

Explosives – ammunition, fireworks

Compressed gas – aerosols, carbon dioxide gas, cigarette lighters

Flammable liquids: alcohol, thinners, varnish remover, turpentine, petroleum products

Flammable solids: Magnesium, matches and zinc powder

Oxidising material: Bleach, some hair dyes, peroxide, fibreglass repair kits

Poison including drugs and medicine

Radioactive material (including mercury-filled thermometers)

Magnetised materials, oiled paper

Prohibited goods

Bank notes, including South African bank notes of any issue or denomination



Any animal, insect  or living organism

Any biological substance

Firearms or parts thereof

Fur, ivory or any other animal product

Human remains, including ashes

Uninsured jewellery or precious stones or precious metals

Any film or publication which falls in category XX or X18 of the Films and Publications Act 65 of 1996 as amended.