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How to correctly address an envelope

red arrow Ensure that both the sender and the receiver's addresses are correct.

red arrow Check the spelling of surnames, street names and towns.

red arrow Ensure the address is written in black ink.

red arrow Write clearly.

red arrow Always use the correct postal code. View the postal codes.

red arrow Always include the sender's return address on the back of the envelope.

red arrow Remember to put the right stamp on each and every mail item.

red arrow For overseas mail, make sure you allow at least fourteen weeks delivery for sea and surface mail.

red arrow Airmail to all overseas countries should be posted at least ten days in advance.

red arrow Utilise Speed Services Couriers for all your overnight courier requirements.

red arrow Be aware of standard mail specifications and avoid sending oversized envelopes and parcels weighing more than 1kg via standard mail.

red arrow If you are unsure of what can or can't be sent via the normal postal service, call our Customer Service Centre on 0860 111 502 email our Customer Service Centre or visit your nearest Post Office for advice. View the list of prohibited mailing items.

red arrow If you are expecting a parcel, ask the sender for the tracking number.

red arrow Remember that parcels need to be collected from your local Post Office counter, as they do not fit into a postbox.

red arrow Package parcels carefully - use a sturdy box with plenty of padding if sending a gift (Easypost boxes are on sale at Post Office branches).

red arrow If you suspect tampering with your parcel, report it to the Crime Buster Hotline on 0800 020 070.

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