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Tracking Comments
Track My Parcel

Please contact the Customer Service Centre in if you cannot find your parcel.
Track and Trace records for legal purposes must be requested from our Customer Service Centre.
Tracking Comments explained.
Please do not use any blank spaces when entering your tracking number.
Invoices: Please send your invoice or proof of purchase to jimcinvoicerequired@postoffice.co.za or contact Customs on + 27 11 961 6000
Customs Fax: Johannesburg International Mail Centre: 0865662028 or 0685581252, Cape Mail: +27 21 534 5917, Durmail: + 27 31 336 3333.
Track My International Parcel

Please mail your tracking number to customer.services@postoffice.co.za or to customer.service@postoffice.co.za if you cannot find your mail item or to get your South African tracking number, or call us on 0860 111 502.