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SA Post Group CEO resignation announcement

1 August 2019

It is with regret that we announce that after three and a half years at the helm of the SA Post Office, Mr Mark Barnes our Group CEO has tendered his resignation citing differences on forward strategy in relation to the structure of the SA Post Office group, in particular the location of Postbank. Following discussions on Mr Barnes’ resignation with the Board, the parties are in agreement on an amicable separation.

The Board thanks Mr Barnes for his enormous service to the SA Post Office and the country during his tenure. In his time at the SA Post Office, Mr Barnes has led the stabilisation of the organisation as well as pioneered its positioning as a relevant access point of government services for our communities.

We assure our customers and the SA public at large that the departure of the outgoing CEO will not negatively impact the organisation’s operations as he leaves behind a capable team that he has built during his tenure.

An interim Group CEO, Ms Lindiwe Kwele who is the SA Post Office’s Group COO has been appointed by the Board until the recruitment of a new CEO takes place. To ensure continuity, Mr Barnes will remain within the SA Post Office fold for a period to aid the transition of the interim Group CEO.

The Board wishes Mr Barnes a success in his future ventures.

Attribute all contents to:
Dr Charles Nwaila: SA Post Office board member
SA Board designated spokesperson
Cell: 082 550 4838

Alternative contact: Bongani Diako, SA Post Office spokesperson: 082 788 2219