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Pay a Bill
Pay a Bill

The data of the receipts are forwarded to the companies and government departments to update their consumer records. The accounts payable at any post office counter are municipality, telephone, retail stores, financial and government departments. The account statements bear a South African Post Office logo indicating that the account can be paid at your nearest post office.


Clients are requested to take their account statements to their local post office for payment. If clients would like to enjoy an easier and faster means, they may attach their cheque payments to the account statements and drop them off in one of the Post Office’s cheque boxes inside the office.


redarrow It is a one-stop shop to pay a number of accounts at one place. One can save on banking costs by writing one cheque for a number of account payments. Whether you are on holiday or away on business, any post office in South Africa will be able to accept payments.

redarrow Some post offices and Postpoints are open later than normal business hours and some even on public holidays, making account payments easier.

redarrow It is a safe, reliable service

redarrow Some larger offices are equipped with self-service terminals that can accept payments electronically for those clients who do not want to queue.